SlippyNip Classic - Pink - 2 Pack

SlippyNip Classic - Pink - 2 Pack

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Keep the pacifier where your baby wants it! Free your hands & boost productivity. Your tot is safe with a soft, flexible design that gives your baby the choice. Ideal for the low coordination stage. Try the best pacifier strap available. Designed by parents. A diaper bag essential!

Highly adjustable, one size fits all.

What you get

  1. Each poly mailer comes with two sets of Slippery Nipple bands, and;
  2. A quick start guide with video to help you attach correctly and adjust to fit your baby

We advise that you use only under close adult supervision with babies ages 2 to 12 months. Give it a try!


  • Safety is top priority. Used properly, the Slippery Nipple pops right out of your child's mouth and doesn't apply uncomfortable pressure to their ears.
  • We do not advocate leaving the Slippery Nipple pacifier buddy on your child for long periods of time.
  • It is intended to be used when you are with your baby as an assist to free up your hands and let your child freely work on their pacifier the way they would if you were holding it in manually.
  • Use with your baby's favorite pacifier. Pacifiers are not included.